I didn't die!

2007-11-12 22:04:34 by Pilot-Doofy

Well I haven't been around NG in a while and I was probably assumed as dead. But in lighter news the tire exploded on my Mercedes while I was in the center lane of the interstate. The car has a security feature that seems flawed in logic. When the car senses something such as a blown tire it automatically applies brakes and locks the wheel straight. Well sure, this makes sense if you're so scared you're kicking the brake pedal and twisting your arms trying to yank the wheel rapidly while driving on a perfectly straight road.

So that's the situation that it works in. Here are the ones which it fails miserably at:
- Trying to consciously slow the car down faster than your normal braking pattern
- Trying to pull over on the side of the road (God forbid you're on the interstate)
- Trying to do all of the above and in a timely fashion to avoid grinding your wheels

Wait though, it gets better. All of the sudden, the car becomes responsive again and compensates for the past 10 seconds of my attempt to slop the car all at once. The car halted after grinding on the front right wheel in 4 different locations. There are now flat spots on the wheel's rim that are 5-6 inches in length.

But I did throw a party this past Saturday which was amazing. I'd comfortably say it was more than a 100 person turn out. Okay I'm stoned I don't want to type anymore.


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2007-12-04 08:16:49

jump off that bridge yet?


2008-03-24 18:17:56



2008-04-04 17:32:16

Pffft. I wish you did. :P