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So here's the new NG!

2007-07-17 16:41:48 by Pilot-Doofy

So this is the new NG and everyone is stoked (because it takes 100 years to load a page with all the server load). Well, the code looks much better and the site behaves better. I'm glad to see that NG is updating with the new standards of interactive websites, but there are some shortcomings in my opinion as well.

I was really hoping for a new layout. I see some notable changes in the current layout and the actual page content has gotten a nice make over, but maybe it's just me who didn't like the header of the old layout in the first place.

Comments? I'd like to see where everyone else stands on this as well.


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2007-07-21 19:43:52

Long time no see, my friend!

I think newgrounds is pretty good, but that compared to the last layout, I guess.


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2015-12-28 10:50:12

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