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but the coding sucks, gg.

It sucked, but I'm glad you made it

Seriously, you guys are all too uptight. Do you realize the amount of people that die everyday from starvation, AIDS, or other epidemics? But of course if someone mocked that it would be funny again.

You ignorant assholes are nothing but hypocrites.

Your buttons are horrible

I have to click for 10 hours to find where to light the bong, snort the coke, make a line, and pass a bong. I think you could have made the hit areas with MUCH better judgment.

I just got over 3,000,000 in like 20 minutes

You might want to make the game a little harder. Once you use the hint that the guy below me posted it becomes way too easy. I would take out the cop thing. I think they should only chase you if you're carrying drugs. Otherwise, you've done nothing wrong.

But yes, here are steps to getting money fast:
1. Go to Loan Shark
2. Ask to borrow $50,000 (he'll say it's too much)
3. Ask to borrow $5,000 (nothing will happen)
4. Ask to borrow $500 (You'll receive $5,500 instead)
5. Pay off your original debt and you have $2,000 left over

Great concept, I love it but...

You made it a little too hard in my opinion. Most people won't sit around for an hour to play a flash game they saw on the net. I think it'd be better if you had smaller chapters of it and make each chapter a little easier to beat.

Anyway, great game.

Beautiful tutorial!

I loved it. People say my tutorials are good, but geeze, they should see yours! I really like how this was compiled into a simple tutorial for everyone to use.

It gave great tips I wish I had when I was learning! There is no reason for someone not to understand the topic at hand if it is discussed in this tutorial!

Great work! 5/5

LOL! I loved it

Man, this was really fun to play. It wasn't so hard to beat Tom if you just block once in a while. You should have different difficulty levels or something. But, nonetheless, it was greatly amusing.

<3 Pilot-Doofy


Author's response:
Thank you very much! Yes, I am 13. I pretty much rock at programming and shit like that.

lol yeah, right.

Mother fucking hilarious!

This goes down as one of my favorites. That is something to be proud of, this is the only animation in my favorites and you're the only author in my favorites. Feel proud.

I got a 525

Highest score yet because I have a horrible vocabulary.

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