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Love it!

Awesome colab, I love it guys! It's cool that I knew some people who did it. :)

I like HouseMasta, but that's it...

What was with the submission? It was just a worthless little loop, and an incredibly short one at that.

How can you justify the file size of that entry? Are you high?

ShortMonkey responds:

No I'm not high, but everyone seemed to like the graphics, which I think got it a decent score.

Meh, not my cup of tea

It wasn't long enough for me. I think you had something unique going, but it was a little to pointless and short. I think you could've been more creative with what went on in the Flash.

I'd say revise it. Make it a little longer, add more interesting activity, and possibly let the user control the movie a little bit.

You know, have encounters with people and choose what to do. That would make it a lot more interesting.

The main thing is the length and boredom I experienced while watching him harm random characters. The ending was also kind of stupid.

However, I was impressed with your graphics and animating. The sound syncing was also good.

10/10 That last guy was a pussy!

Seriously, this was hilarious. That right there is what's wrong with the majority of the Muslim population. They can't take a fucking joke. I'm a hard core Jesus freak/Christian but I still got a kick out of Kanye West posing as Jesus. I can laugh at Jesus jokes, even though I'm a Christian.

How about the Muslims stop being sensitive pussies and accept that they're not safe from jokes. Why should they be treated with all mightyness?

I love the Muslim train of though. "We're going to prove we're not violent by blowing shit up and killing people". Wow....

I really enjoyed this! Quite clever!

I thought it was a magnificent twist on the old fairy tale. It really intrigued the older audience as it should. I believe I heard some music from the SAW series? Nice selection of audio also.

Overall it was great, I can't imagine anything else you could add. Maybe show little red riding hood getting undressed, seems you mention it a few times. ;)

I completely agree!

He has to have some of the worst code I've ever seen and it's a very shitty site. The organization of it sucks ass and yet he still gets hits. What blew that shit hole up with visitors?

Seriously, it's a noobs site that got big.

I really loved it!

I liked how it actually had a story line and what not. It wasn't just some random violence like most sprite animations are now days. Great work.

I really don't beleive it

But I can't prove that it's wrong.

DAIRYDOG responds:

Trust me.

This will make frontpage and top 50!

Clearly the best material seen yet.

Original and spectacular!

I really liked this one. This is one of the most original pieces of Flash work I've seen in a VERY long time. I really enjoyed watching it, grade A work man!!

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